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If you look at the right side of this page, you will see a variety of images. Two of the images include awards I have won.

I have once again been nominated for the Witchy Blog Award.


First, a big thank you to Ayslyn for the nomination. My favorite part about this is that it is anti-Witch War. It is about celebrating each other and building up our community. I am honored to be involved with this tradition again.

Seven questions asked of the nominees:

1) How did you “discover” Wicca/witchcraft/Neo-Paganism?

I always had a drawing to occult interests. Books, movies, tv…but I thought it was exclusively fantasy. I didn’t realize how much of the fantasy is taken from actual practices.

During my junior year of college, my world changed forever. After my sister’s passing, I was having problems re-righting my compass and getting a baring on life. I tried reaching out to traditional Christian clergy but was either ignored or didn’t find solace in their empty words. I sat down with a friend from high school who I know was a practicing Pagan and he introduced me to this new way of thinking. I was not instantly over her death, there are still times when I’m not over her death. But I was instantly able to live fully and wholly again.

2) Do you grow herbs?

I have plans to…does that count?? 🙂

3) Are you “in the broom closet”? If not, share your coming out experience.

I am not!! My mom always knew. After much thought, I wore my pentacle with my in-laws and my MIL got it. It wasn’t something that was discussed, it was just accepted. During Witchlette’s blessing, my MIL was very open to putting the certain color candles in the right place because she knew it was important. Her sister has commented about how I “like witches”…like…am…same difference right?

Now, I do not advertise my path in my place of work. Things are very not good for teachers in NC and the last thing I need is a “reason”. I am open on Facebook and coworkers whom I am friends with know but I purposely don’t have that openness with administration.

4) What tradition do you follow, if any?

“Tree hugging dirt worshiper”. I spend as much time outside in the woods as possible. I revere the Elements, the Earth and Sky, the Moon and Sun. I don’t follow any traditional path though I recently discovered everything I do is closely aligned with what Druids do.

5) Do you consider yourself a witch, Wiccan or Pagan (or maybe something else?)

I call myself both Pagan and Witch. I think as broad of a term as possible is the most appropriate for me simply because I am so eclectic.

6) How much of witchcraft/Wicca are you able to incorporate into your everyday life?

Everything’s Magick. Life is beautiful. All of life is Magick and all of Magick is witchcraft.

I meditate at least once a day, before bed. I typically say little chants and prayers of thanks during the day. Each time I feel a raindrop, a breeze, the warm sun, or a piece of grass/sand/dirt, I thank the Element for sharing themselves with me. I offer a blessing whenever I glimpse the Moon or the Sun.

7) Do you have a familiar? If you do, tell us how you meet him/her and how s/he takes part in your practice (if at all)

M, my boxer, is the closest thing to a familiar I have. She sits with me and helps me ground.

This award is a pay-it-forward deal; each nominee should then choose Now, for my nominees:

1) The Serpent’s Labyrinth
2) Spinning Webs
3) My Wiccan Walk
4) Stone of Destiny
5) Witches Heal the World
6) Diary of a Pagan Dork

Brightest Blessings,

3 thoughts on “Blog Award

  1. Nornoriel Lokason says:

    Thank you so much for the nomination! ❤

  2. […] I have been nominated for an award. […]

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