RIP Robin Williams.

For every laugh we had, that he provided, an internal tear was shed.

Those on the outside looking in would never know he was in such pain. He was described by anyone who knew him as warm, friendly, loving, kind, genuine. He was a beautiful human, a beautiful soul.

My heart weeps knowing that the joy he brought to so many was not felt by himself.

My heart weeps, selfishly, that my daughter will only know him as clips. She won’t ever see the real man.

My favorite movie he ever did…there are so many I love but my true favorite…is What Dreams May Come…about the soul’s exploration after life.

May he find peace where ever he is, where ever the journey on the other side brings him. May he finally know the love that was felt for him.

May his family find peace and comfort, knowing that he touched so many lives in such a positively strong way.

“That the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse.
What will your verse be?” -Dead Poet’s Society

Your verse was a great one Mr. Williams. Thank you.


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