The Beach







All four elements in one place. Fire- the sun. Water- the ocean. Earth- the sand. Air- the ocean breeze.


It truly is the most Magickal place on earth (sorry, Disney).


And yet…Hubby and I can both only handle it in small doses. A day or two at a time. Tops.


This year, summer vacation is only one weekend. Between my finishing grad school and Hubby half way through, plus keeping Witchlette on a decent schedule, we decided on a weekend to Wilmington.


beach day

We walked onto the beach and knew instantly that our water baby was at home. We set up a blanket and went towards the water. She was interested, curious, about the plane. She was weary of the waves coming towards her at first, but that quickly turned to giggle as the waves came. We went further in, and helped her jump over waves. The tide was low and easy, the stable water at her belly and the low waves would maybe come to her chin. We then tried her on the sand. Sand took longer to appreciate but she eventually came around.

The day at the beach was less than ideal; it did not include all of the elements. Earth and water were there, wind ruled over fire- it was completely overcast with a strong breeze. We enjoyed the sand for a bit when the wind picked up and the rain began- and then a deluge.

The first day at the beach was not a long one, but was still enjoyable.


3 thoughts on “The Beach

  1. You’ve been nominated for the Witchy Blog Award (again!)

  2. […] I said on my last post, the beach is one of the most perfect places elementally speaking. Air from the ocean breeze, […]

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