30 DOD: VI- Background: Magick

I think there is a difference between Magick and magic.

Magick is science, faith, love, nature, belief.

Magic is child’s play slight-of-hand.

There are also two kinds of Magick.

There is the Magick you practice and create- this is the craft. This is cultivated. A doctor would not go into surgery cold. She must practice and work and hone her craft. If she is doing a procedure she has done numerous times in the past few weeks, she has been honing her craft. If, however, she is doing a procedure she has never done before, or has not done in quite a while, she will spend a great deal of time in a lab and practice. She will hone her craft until all of the moves become muscle memory. This is no different than a Witch’s craft. The more you practice, the more your instincts are attune with the flows of energy of the natural world.

Then, there is the Magick you are, the Magick of the world. Magick is in the bloom of a flower. Magick is in the changing tides. Magick is a child’s wonder at the leaves of a tree. Magick is a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis. Magick is a spider spinning its web. Magick is life- plant, animal, and human. The more one is connected to nature, the more Magickal that person is. This is the Magick that is found in Druidry. Attunement with nature.

I want to share with you now some memes which really drive my point home. These relate to both kinds of Magick.



magick  needs

magick love



wandsThese are my kind of wand )0(



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