30DOD II Background: Cosmology take 2

Last night as I was falling asleep, I thought maybe a timeline would help me develop a narrative for my cosmology.

Normal, happy kid. Some bumps, mom got sick, parents got divorced, and dad got remarried but no traumatic events. Mom got better and I was too young to really know the trauma that was going on behind the scene.

2000- met my [now] husband

2002- my sister was born

November 2005- my sister passed

November 2005- June 2007 – I tried to hold things together but struggled to keep on a level plane.

June 2007- after reaching out to different members of clergy and a few therapists, and finding no one that could or would help, a Wiccan friend sat with me and introduced me to a new way of thinking. This way of thinking was an almost instance rewiring and rebalancing of my psyche.

October 2007- very open at work and with friends but closed off with family. Started developing my practice with Cherokee medicine.

August 2008- moved to NC, married hubby, started new job. Open to folks at new job but continued to be closed off with family.

2009- began studying Celtic pantheons.

2010- expanded my practice to include Norse pantheon

2012- began this blog

June 2013- welcomed Witchlette into our family.

August 2013- had Witchlette’s blessing…any family who hadn’t picked up on the Facebook posts by now, figured it out by the ceremony.

May 2014- Witchlette’s first Sabbot

June 2014- began studying druidry

So my Cosmology revolves around change, family, research, and self-discovery. I have always considered myself “Pagan”. I have researched different pantheons and have internalized many aspects and grown with them. My journey started with a major life change and has been incorporated in all of the other changes I have experienced throughout my life. It revolves around my family- Hubby and Witchlette are essential to my happiness which is essential to my practice.


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