30DOD: I- What religion/spirituality do you follow?

The first question on the list of thirty seems like it would be an easy-peesey one. And for some, it might be. Depending on the audience, I could provide a very short, succinct answer.

Pagan. Earth-centered spirituality. Nature-based spirituality.

But seeing as how I love to write and this is, after all, my blog…I’m going to go long winded!

Recently one of the principals at my school gave a comment on the birth of his son- his first child- and how seeing the birth of his son reaffirmed his faith in God. Seeing his wife bring life into the world was like being in the presence of God. …and this was said at a staff meeting. Talk about the separation of church and state. Still, what he said was beautiful, and, despite not partaking in his path, I appriciapted his comments. Especially as a woman and a mother. I told his as much.

“Even though I don’t row the same boat as you, your words resonated with me. Very well said.”

“And what “boat” do you “row”?”

“Do you really want to go down that rabbit hole?”

He then smiled and walked away.

My needs to be updated BoS includes the title “Garden Pagan”, since we revere the Earth first and foremost. I’ve been toying with the thought of Elemental Pagan, since I really look to the five elements for both strength and peace. Woodland Pagan, though that doesn’t really cover all the bases because, while I spend a lot of my time in the woods, I perhaps feel the most connected at the beach in the ocean. Druid Pagan isn’t encompassing enough, because while I found that a lot of what druidry is is what I do, I also add a great deal that is not.

My title for myself is a work in progress, I guess.

Generally speaking, my religion is Nature worship.  I work with the Elements and with energy. I perform Magick and ritual. I hug trees and I talk to the wind. I dance with the flame and I revel in the water. I catch spiders in a cup and put them back outside (and I have a policy in my classroom which requires students to do the same, or leave them be). The Earth herself is my goddess and the sky is my god. I see divinity in all of the universe and I believe Magick and Science to be two sides of the same coin.


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