A post for the ladies- update!

Gentlemen- you are again being warned- if female biology makes you cringe- get out now.


I wanted to share an update on my previous post about switching from disposable to washable cotton menstrual products.

If you missed the first post, you can catch it here. This post was written just after I had bought them, but before I had the chance to actually use them.

Now I’ve had that opportunity.

I wish I did this earlier.

I wish I made the switch when I first discovered the alternative- about three years ago- but was scared away by the price tag.

They are more absorbent than the disposable kind and much more gentle on your skin.

I know, I am in the severe minority with menstral products. Most of the people I know use tampons. I am not heavy enough for tampons. Not even the skinny little junior tampons.

Now, before you start period-shaming me, remember I had to go the extra mile to conceive my Witchlette. The lighter than normal periods are part of that condition. The only time I’ve ever been able to comfortably use tampons was when I was on fertility medication and I wasn’t able to conceive. Yeah- normal flow with the knowledge that it meant the drugs and I (in my state of mind at the time) failed.

I’ve always been a pad girl. Pads during days 1 and 2. Pantyliners for days 3-5. Then it’s over. I had to use a few more of the lunapads than I would the disposable pads, but my skin was every so thankful for the chance to rest against cotton all day rather than being squished against that plastic mesh of rubbing-raw awfulness.

If you decide to make the switch, it’s going to hit you in the wallet at first. About $250 for all of my materials. But think about it- I never have to purchase any of these items ever again. That’s saving me money in the long run.

It’s helping reduce my waste since I’m not throwing anything away; I’m rinsing them out and tossing them in with my normal laundry. (And no, there is not a mess in the machine or on any of the clothes).


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