Elemental attachments

My husband jokes that I am a glorified sun worshiper…in every sense of the word. If we go out to eat, typically at fast-casual places, and there is outdoor seating available, we find one that is half-shaded. Hubby doesn’t care to eat of he’s too warm, and he already runs hot so he doesn’t need the extra help from the sun. Me, on the other hand, can’t get enough of it. There’s no greater pleasure than being outside just to be outside. Walking around, laying out…just soaking up the sun. (Yes, I am careful about sun protection…I was once described as having alabaster skin and I’d like to keep it that way!)

Witchlette is a water baby through and through. She has always loved the bath. She now loves the pool. It’s not yet a battle to get her out of the water since she is so small she doesn’t have much of a choice. Next summer, however…I foresee some “5 more minutes” pleading in my future.

Earth is definitely hubby. He likes to work with his hands and get right down into things. He’s very grounded and even keeled.

I’m fire…a love of the sun, a passion for life and the things I hold dear…and a red hot temper.

And Witchlette, at least this far, is water.


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