A post for the ladies

Gentlemen, those who deem certain aspects of normal, healthy biology as something you do not wish to take part in because “Eww! Gross!”, avert your eyes.

Leave this post now.

Can’t say I didn’t warn you…

Ladies, I’d like to talk about the shedding of your uterine lining. Menstruation. Your period.

As we all know, the regular shedding of a uterine lining because a woman did not conceive a child during ovulation. The lining is discarded and a new one develops before ovulation occurs. This happens cyclically during the entirety of the Mother phase of the triple Goddess: Maiden ends when a woman enters childbearing age and Crone begins when a woman enters the time in her life when she is no longer biologically capable of conceiving a child. The only time the cycle is disrupted is when a woman conceives a child and the uterine lining is used to develop the fetus.

This, of course, is looking at a woman with no fertility issues. I often skip my flow due to a hormonal imbalance related to insulin issues. But it still comes more often than not.

In Western society, aka the US, a woman’s period is something of which to be ashamed. Women sneak into the restroom clutching their bags, palming their pads and tampons. Manufactures have created “silent” wrappers so not only the general public, but also the gal in the next stall over, won’t know what you are doing.

We have been taught to be ashamed of this natural, beautiful cycle rather than embracing and celebrating it.

I remember once, a few years ago, I started menstruating on the first night of the full moon. It was a beautiful experience. I had a great chakra meditation that night and I felt I had really tapped into the Universe. A female coworker noticed my great vibes and asked what was up. I wasn’t ashamed to share it, so I did. She became really visibly uncomfortable that I was not only openly discussing my period but also celebrating it.

I remember, back I’m high school, the first time I heard about what some Native American tribes “did” to women when they were menstruating: they would lock them in a hut and they weren’t able to come out until they stopped bleeding.

How awful! How cruel!

They should continue on with their lives! Stick a wad of cotton up there and rejoin the men! You can do anything they can do!

But looking back…it was my jaded perspective that made it so ugly. The women weren’t locked away…they were given an opportunity to meditate and work spiritual wonders during the time of menstruation.

Yes, I, sure a fraction of the reason was necessitated due to leaking bodily fluids but I’m positive in my heart that was more of a by-product than a root reason.

In reality, we can do more than men can do- we bring life into this world.

I think part of the reason why I feel so comfortable talking about this, and why I feel empowered by my embracing and celebrating of this, is because of its tie to my patron goddes, the Moon.

The moon controls the tides, regulates every molecule of water on our planet. It also regulates blood. Organ blood and menstrual blood. The Moon regulates our cycles. The Moon herself is representative of the Triple Goddess. Each month, she is born (New Moon/Maiden) grows to full (Mother), and dies (Dark Moon/Crone). Our menstrual cycle is much the same. It grows, becomes full at ovulation and either stays full to nourish life or dies and is shed only to regrow again.

This includes a fourth aspect, but you get the idea…

It’s wonderful and beautiful and powerful.

And what we are doing to ourselves in the form of menstrual products is criminal.

I am a cloth diapering mom. I can’t imagine putting disposables on my daughter. The chemicals in the diapers that would be against her skin…it just gave me the wrong feeling. I was committed to being a cloth diapering mom when I was pregnant and hubby was always supportive of the idea. He then did the math and became 100% on board. We spent a few hundred upfront to buy the diapers, but we haven’t spent a penny since. The relief we are giving the environment, our wallets, my daughter’s skin…it’s all worth it.

This got me thinking…and it’s something I’ve pondered before, a passing glance but never really much thought…why not cloth menstrual products? I don’t like the absorption chemicals added to diapers…well, why do you think pads are do thin? They are loaded with chemicals to draw in moisture. They are also clogging up landfills and may never breakdown since a lot of the construction is plastic based. Plus the chemicals that could seep into the drinking water during any possible breakdown…it all just seems wrong.

So I did it. I bought my first set of LunaPads. And my purchase helped empower young women in Africa.

It’s the best I can do for myself until I can have a meditation hut.

My little Witchlette will not grow up knowing any kind of shame, just empowerment of a beautiful part of life.

My LunaPads (green) with pad, extra layer to add more absorbency, and panty liner (black).





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