Science and Spirtuality

Yes, I am one of those people who will quote physics to explain my spirituality.

I know many of the more scientific-minded than I can ever hope to be roll their eyes at folks like me. In my previous post, I quoted the physical law of energy conservation- energy is not created or destroyed, it just changes. A shoddy study was done years ago which “proved” there is a significant change to our bodies when we die. But this study was done so poorly, it proves nothing in the end.


Everything can be explained away by the use of energy as the body once again becomes one with the Earth. The atoms that make up our cells that make up our bodies return to their celestial home. These same atoms made up stars millions of years ago, crashed into Earth on a cosmic traveller, and become one with our planet- eventually creating us and everything around us. Then…where do the atoms come from in the first place?

So maybe I am misspoken when I say our life energy isn’t destroyed in death, merely transferred to something else. That while we, in body, cease to exist, we, in spirit, continue. But we, at an atomic level, continue to exhist as well.


All that has been and all that is is part of us.


Just for shits and giggles…we are made up from stars and all of the universe is within us. But also, all of biological history is within us. There is this wonderful exhibit at the NC Museum of Natural Science which shows the common DNA between different species. One is a human, another a chimp. I know there is a shark, an insect- bee I think- and a bird. More than half of the lights are on for each of the species. We share DNA with every living thing. Every living thing.





Science is a powerful thing. It’s awe inspiring. And it really is spiritual in nature. At least, for me it is.



2 thoughts on “Science and Spirtuality

  1. Katra says:

    Reblogged this on PPW and commented:
    Who says science and the soul can’t get along!

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