A lovely post…thing rings true for the writing professor which she is referring to as well as the great American treasure who passed on today. She, like all of us who write (as Ayslyn beautifully puts it) did not come to writing because she was happy. She came to writing to heal.

Interestingly, I had a vision today of my Grandfather’s passing. I need to share details with my family before sharing it here. But seeing this meme about how we do not die is very very true for my Pops.

None of us die. It’s basic physics: the law of the conservation of energy. Energy is not created or destroyed, merely changed.

Blessed Be, and may all who were affected by the loss you describe find peace.

Ayslyn's Corner

You know you’re a writer at heart when your subconscious response to death is to immortalize your lost loved one in a story. Especially when you haven’t written substantially or consistently for more than seven months.

It’s during these times of great strife and grief that you realize – writing isn’t just the passion to put something entertaining on paper, though that’s rewarding too. It isn’t just a need to express yourself, though that’s usually what it is when everything is okay. Writing is a coping mechanism. Writing is how we deal with things that would otherwise crush us.

Several months ago, one of my old writing professors committed suicide. His loss is nothing compared to the one I’m struggling with now. At his memorial service though I reconnected with an old friend, and we talked about how neither of us really knew he was struggling so much.

“Well, there…

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2 thoughts on “5-28-14

  1. Wait… who died today?

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