The Yellow Blame Game

There is a culprit!

The severe yellow haze that is choking the east, both north and south, has a cause: The Polar Vortex.

Dun dun duuuunnnn!

According to everyone who was alive this past winter, it sucked. It was dreadfully cold and lasted way longer than it should have. This is because of the weakening of the jet stream, caused by climate change, and the resulting breakdown of the weaker jet stream allowing arctic air was able to make its way south.

I specifically remember my local weather man saying how this year won’t be the last we hear of the PV. In fact, it will just keep getting worse every time it pops in…reminded me of El Niño.

The spring time effects of the PV? The yellow haze. Per cnn: “Generally, trees dump their allergy agents more gradually. March sees red cedars, elm, and pine trees start to bloom, followed by maple, ash, birch, and oak, and April sees the nut trees like pecan and walnut begin to pollinate in the South. Grasses and ragweed kick in later in the spring.”

Oh wait, there’s more.

“Then there’s all the moisture in the ground. Melting snow has made for muddy and moist soil, and spring rains will only add to puddles and the damp conditions of an already saturated ground.

That could lead to more mold, and mold spores can trigger more respiratory problems related to both allergies and asthma. As long as there is moisture, mold can grow on almost any surface, from wood to soil and buildings, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.”

On the good side, my throat isn’t itchy today. And Witchlette is significantly less of a snot monster today than she was yesterday.

Bring on the rains!


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