The south is choking…

It’s Tuesday, March 18.

I am sitting at work and there are no children around me.

It is an inclement weather day for ice conditions. (But in NC, teachers come into work when schools are closed- grown-ups still go to work when the children are granted leave).

This past weekend, it was in the 70’s. We had our window fan up in the bedroom to help cool the house some overnight both Friday and Saturday.

Yesterday, it dropped to the freezing levels and the precipitation came. To date, we have had six days closed for inclement weather. My husband, an accountant during tax season, has had his office announce delays and closings due to weather.

The south is choking.

Photo credit: Billie Bauer

Photo credit: Billie Bauer

A friend of mine posted this picture to Facebook this morning. You can see the buds, ready to burst open, held back by all of the ice.

I know “Global Warming” isn’t the go-to phrase anymore because of days like this. “Don’t you feel how cold it is outside? It can’t be Global Warming if it’s this cold!” argue the nay-sayers. Fine. Climate change, then. Either way it is real. It is happening now.

The dominoes have started falling.

All we can do at this point is watch them fall and adjust to the new life in the aftermath of their collapse.


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