Air (PBP- A)

A few days ago, I posted about a photo book I had made for Witchlette. I have decided to dedicate this year’s Pagan Blog Project postings to the pages of the photo book, a way for her to one day reflect on an expansion of her book.

The first page is A, for Air, the element in the east. It is the element connected to the soul and the breath of life. If you’re doing work related to communication, wisdom, or the power of the mind, Air is the element to focus on. Air is associated with inspiration, which can be literally translated into “to breathe in”. Colors of air are white and yellow; it’s time is dawn, specifically in the spring.

“I call upon the spirits of the East, that they may join my circle and bring with them the knowledge carried on the wind. Welcome Air!”

Here are some of the collections I have related to Air on my Pinterest page

Wicca Gatherings

Elements Air:  "Vintage Series: Four Basic #Elements - #Air," by Raul Esquivel.



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