Lunar preview

Published January 2, 2014 by Lunapo

2014 has no blue moon.

2014 has two BLACK moons.

The first is this month.

1st New
16th Full
30th Black (2nd New in a month)

14th Full

1st New
16th Full
30th Black

15th Full
29th New

14th Full
28th New

13th Full
27th New

12th Full
26th New

10th Full
25th New

9th: Full
24th: New

8th: Full
23rd: New

6th: Full
22nd: New

6th: Full
22nd: New


3 comments on “Lunar preview

  • What wonderful information, thank you so much! I have a question I hope you can answer if you have the time….I’ve looked it up and have found no answer…I was born on Friday 13th and this year it falls on Friday and it also falls on a full moon….is there any special significance to it?

    • Hello!
      First, Friday the 13th is an American cultural date. However you’d want to speak to a numerologist to see what significance 13 has for you. I am not aware of any Magickal significance of the 13th of the month falling on a Friday.

      I did some research for the rest of your question: the full moon on your birthday typically means a year of prosperity but it holds more value if it is significant to you. There is no term or significance for the day of your birth to fall on the repeated day. Once every 6, 11, 6, 5, 6…years this will happen with the pattern repeating depending on the leap year. Perhaps one of these numbers would be significant for you but again that would be a question for a numerologist.

      Good luck!

      • thank you so much for taking the time to respond and research my questions. Friday 13 and the number 13 have had a big part in my life. (I also have a younger brother also born on a Friday 13 and it’s the same for him. and we aren’t kids lol I am 60 something and he’s almost 60 something ;)). I just never knew what the significance of the full moon on your birthday was, thank you for the info. You have been very helpful! Blessings always.

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