Photo book

The jar from Witchlette’s blessing is in her room and will be the first piece of her alter. Over the summer I got a coupon for a free photo book from shutterfly so I made her her first BoS of Pagan ABCs.

I’m sure I broke a number of copyright rules making it, but it’s staying in our family and the images aren’t going to be shared with the masses.

The cover includes the meme “To Be A Witch”. Some of the content was a stretch, like U. It may be a bit hokey but it was made with love. The letters go as follows:

A- air
B- Beltane
C- candles
D- day
E- earth
F- fire
G- goddess/god
H- Halloween aka Samhain
I- imbolc
J- joy of wheels turn
K- kin
L- litha and Lammas
M- Mabon
N- night
O- ostara
P- pentacle
Q- quarters
R- ritual
S- spirit (hence why I did Samhain under h)
T- trees
U- understanding
V- Valhalla
W- water
X- the center of the medicine wheel makes an x
Y- Yule
Z- zodiac

On each of the element pages (air, earth, fire, spirit, and water) I included a quarter call I use to make a circle. I included a little bit about each of the eight sabbots.

It’s a good start I think. I do not plan on raising her knowing it’s my way or the highway but I do want her to have a healthy spiritual outlook. And I’m not going to complain if she finds that in the woods 😉


2 thoughts on “Photo book

  1. Dyslexic Witch says:

    I have something in the works similar to this. Only instead of a photo book, I was thinking about memory or flash cards. But I like the book idea, too.

  2. […] few days ago, I posted about a photo book I had made for Witchlette. I have decided to dedicate this year’s Pagan Blog Project […]

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