Divine Nursing

So i have been attempting to write this post for the last month…such is life with a newborn!

I am nursing my daughter. She has had nothing but her mother’s milk since day one. The folks at the hospital were great; they knew how I didn’t have the birth I was expecting. They finished stitching me up and got her clean and ready and I began breastfeeding in the recovery area before we were wheeled to my postpartum room. From the moment she first latched on, I knew I would like the experience.

Not every nursing session is great, and not all of them are easy. We are learning from each other and I am quickly picking up on her cues. I’ve known for a while now when she wants to eat before she cries and she typically doesn’t have a chance to cry for food.

After one especially agonizing night, I also learned that if she isn’t fully awake, she isn’t going to properly latch which leads to my breasts becoming extremely sore. I was getting overly frustrating so I got my husband up asked him to sit with us since he has a calming presence. After trying and trying for a good latch to start nursing for almost 35 minutes, I completely broke down and just cried with her laying across my lap. My husband took her, sent me back to bed and rocked her to sleep. He came back into our room and helped me work through what was going on, which I didn’t realize what it was until after her next nursing session.

In that session, I lifted her from her crib, sat in my chair, cradled her for a moment and grounded and centered. I felt my root chakra open, and I skipped ahead and opened my heart chakra. At the same time, my crown chakra opened. I heard a female voice, not my own and not one I had ever heard before, say to me “You know what to do.” I adjusted the way I was holding my breast, brought her forward, and nursed. I know not which Goddess spoke to me, but I am eternally grateful that she did.

And we haven’t had an issue since.


3 thoughts on “Divine Nursing

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