Modern Baby

I’m in full on nesting. I’m enjoying cleaning and organizing all of the stuff we have for Witchlette. And damn does she have a lot if stuff.

We’ve got a lot of clothes, luckily they range in size from 3 months-24 month so we won’t be getting rid of all the clothes at one time just to go out and get more.

We’ve got a ton of towels. And a lot of blankets. I don’t see how we can possibly use them all…

We have a crib and dresser, but these items were made to grow with her. The crib turns into a full-size bed.

We have a bouncey seat, which was a hand-me-down. If not, we would not have gotten one.

We do not have a bassinet or a co-sleeper type device.

We do not have a swing.

We do not have a play pen.

We do not have a gym or a play mat.

We do not have a full high chair. (Instead we have an in-chair high chair which converts to a booster seat).

Safety items and things already listed aside, we don’t really have a lot of “stuff”. Walking through baby stores, it amazes me how much stuff there is and how much parents “need” in order to successfully raise their child.

How in the world did women through the ages raise their children? How in the world did we ever survive our own childhoods?

Hubby and I have committed ourselves to raising a minimalist child. We have committed ourselves to being minimalist parents. She may or may not follow in our footsteps, though at least as far as respectfully using resources is concerned, I really hope she does.


2 thoughts on “Modern Baby

  1. ivanoiurares40 says:

    Reblogged this on TheSlashDash.

  2. Mikaela says:

    Congratulations on the birth. You have learned year that you don’t need at the consumerist rubbish that many people seam to think now you ‘need’ for a baby and its just not true. Enjoy your new adventure

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