Down Time

So, it’s been a month. My bad.

Yesterday was the last work day of the school year for teachers. Today began my 12 weeks of recharging.

Just now, I submitted my last grad school assignment for this semester. I am now done until August 20.

I am now 37w3d along, which means Witchlette can make her appearance any time now. Speaking of, I have an additional four and a half weeks to add to my scheduled twelve since I’m taking some leave at the beginning of the year. No, it’s not the full 6 weeks given by the state. If I did that, I’d have 0 days left and would not have the flexibility I feel I need as a new, working mom.

All in all, ^that^ is what I’ve been doing the last month: closing out the school year, finishing homework, and prepping for Witchlette.

Right now, the rain is POURING in Raleigh as this nasty storm makes its way across the state. It’s good meditating weather, and I think that is going to me my focus tonight after I make dinner.


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