Two weeks ago I wore my pentacle to work twice.

Wearing this symbol to work isn’t new to me, I had done it for the first four years of my career. It wasn’t until I moved to a more prestigious school that I stopped. And I did so out of respect for separation of church and state.

But I have, and I do, regularly wear symbols to work. Anyone who has even the slightest inkling of anything “occult” would know what they represent.

First, this is my tasteful pentacle. It is simple pewter, set with a crescent moon.

Second is my crescent moon, which I wear more often than not.

Third is my Celtic love knot. Yes, it’s not witchy per se but it’s an old Celtic symbol.

Lastly is my large pentacle which I do not wear to work (any more) and will not wear to work in the future.


I also have pentacle earrings, which I wear on a semi-regular basis, as well as crescent moon earrings, and triquetra earrings with a moonstone.


Last week I didn’t feel the need to wear my pentacle necklace at all. Wearing it and proclaiming, “I’m Pagan!” doesn’t make me any more or less dedicated to my path. I really enjoyed this post by Stone of Destiny where he dissects the use of different symbols. Like him, I do not agree to wear my pentacle hidden. If I am wearing it, I am wearing it out and proud. But, like I said, I am beyond comfortable in my dedication to my path that I don’t feel the need to advertise on a daily basis 🙂


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