Pagan Coming Out Day

Published May 2, 2013 by Lunapo

As promised, more to myself than anyone else, I wore my pentacle to work today.

Everything else about my outfit was the same as normal. I wore a blue maxi dress with blue, yellow, and red flowers and a shirt sleeve red cardigan. Green flip flops (I’m blaming swollen feet, but that’s only a half truth). Hair down with the middle clipped back. I wore my moonestone Celtic knot earrings, my engagement and wedding rings on the left hand and my claddagh ring on the right. And my pentacle necklace.

Most of me knew no one would notice.. And if they did, they wouldn’t say anything. But with the looks I still get from my MiL, I was a bit weary.

No problem.

It felt empowering to wear it at work again, like I was a whole person again.

It felt powerful to wear it at work again, like I had the elements on my side all day.

I think I’ll be wearing it more often!


3 comments on “Pagan Coming Out Day

  • I wear mine all the time. It feels like something is wrong when I don’t. For quite a while I wore it as a long necklace, under my clothing. Somehow, it found its way outside my clothing at the oddest times. Mostly around other Pagans. (I found out there are other Pagans in my small town.)

    Lately, I’ve wanted to wear a necklace that had a rather lovely image of a crow, backed by a sunset. To me this is an image of the Morrigan, my patroness.

    I tried wearing the pentacle as a bracelet. After it got caught on my sleeve and picked a hold in my shirt a few times, I realized it had to move. Now, it’s on an anklet. I’ve never worn an anklet before, but it feels right.

  • I have a pentacle necklace but I’m not a pagan though I do feel a pull to that belief. I brought a book about paganism because i knew some pagans in high school so I wanted to learn more about it.

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