Standing Up For What You Believe

A great deal of wisdom and truth can be found in the following post, from Stone of Destiny.

Likewise, Domestic Witch turned my eye to the following article on Patheos.

The point in both articles, in my opinion, is one in the same, though they arrive at these points through different measures. The former is a challenge to stand up for what you believe in, 100%. To lay the brick work for ourselves and future Pagans to practice in peace without fear of their safety, whether it be physical, financial, emotional, psychological… The latter is similarly about standing up for what we each individually believe, but while doing so to respect the practices of others. Granted, there is more to it than that, as it goes off on a tangent to explain why Pagan is too broad a term and too many Pagans use Wicca but don’t use it to the author’s liking and therefore are “watering it down”…but the core essential of the article as I read it is about truly believing what you believe in.

Going back to the former, there is reference to International Pagan Coming Out day. It still bothers me that anyone needs to “come out”, for fear of backlash from those around them. I want to be 100% open with everyone in my life, but I am not only thinking of myself when I am not. I am thinking of my daughter, and how I must, especially given my residence in the Biblebelt, protect her from any hurtful backlash that may come her way.


I do believe I will wear my pentacle necklace to work on 5/2, to test the waters.



One thought on “Standing Up For What You Believe

  1. Thank you for the reblog! I totally understand the impulse, one that I think we all share, to protect our loved ones. The balance of that (and something I had intended to mention in my post, but never got around to) is the question: “What are we teaching them by hiding?” I think of all the groups who have had to fight for their rights and could not hide what they were (women, racial minorities) and the thought of hunkering down and allowing folks to just assume that I am what they want me to be just does not sit well.

    Good luck with wearing your pentacle at work!

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