This past week was my spring break. I got to sleep in, which for me is about 8 am. I was able to cook myself a hot breakfast every morning. And I had the luxury of watching garbage day time TV while I completed my spring cleaning, because that’s what spring break is for after all!

Yesterday, I was watching The Drs, a Dr. Phil spin off. I love it for the fear mongering more than anything else. “Up next on The Drs: How tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant can be harming your health.” It’s ridiculous, really. Anyway, the teaser yesterday was about “Vitamin N”.

Ok, sure.

Turns out the “N” in Vitamin N stands for Nature. There is a new disorder sweeping the nation called Nature Deficit Disorder.

The average person spends so much time inside…waking up indoors, going to work indoors, coming home to indoors and going to bed…that they are depriving themselves of nature and all her beauty. This is leading to depression, anxiety, and other psychological and physiological ailments.

The cure: Spend at least 10 min outside every day. Take your lunch outdoors. Go for a walk before or after work. Sit on the patio with your morning coffee.

My first reaction to this is it’s pathetic. Then I thought about my M-F lifestyle. I eat breakfast in the car; I’m in a classroom 6:45-3:30 every day. But I’m home early enough (barring meetings) where I can, and do, take a walk. Sometimes alone, sometimes with the dogs. Sometimes around the neighborhood, sometimes along the greenway across the street. Then, I head back indoors and do my evening routine. My husband, on the other hand, has breakfast in the car; is in his office 7:30-5:00; comes home to dinner and his evening routine. During the summer months, evening routine includes a walk. But other than that, his week is spent indoors.

Our weekends, however, involve lots of time outdoors. Three seasons a year.

I wonder though if others take even an hour outside on Saturday, if this NDD would be an issue.

It’s just sad how disconnected we are from our natural surroundings.


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