Gay Marriage

First, I’d like to share this:

I am a straight ally for gay rights.  I am a married woman, and marrying my husband was the best choice I have ever made. Loving him was taken out of my hands. I’ve loved him since I was 15, and there was nothing that could change that. I truly believe that we are fated. Honest to goodness soulmates.

And I believe it is that way for everyone who honestly, truly, finds their match.

Opponents to gay marriage say it will destroy the very fabric of our society. Opponents say we need to uphold the sanctity of traditional marriage. Opponents say gay marriage will destroy the beauty of traditional marriage.

I wholeheartedly disagree.

My parents divorced while I was in elementary school. My father had multiple affairs while he was married to my mother. I can’t get a full hand’s worth of fingers the amount of friends I have who’s parents aren’t divorced. Or whom don’t live together.

Isn’t that more of a detriment to the sanctity of traditional marriage than allowing “untraditional” couples the chance to wed?

And take a good hard look at pop culture.

The top two make a mockery out of marriage, while the bottom is a couple who could add to the sanctity of marriage.

Notice how I didn’t say “traditional” marriage; because there is nothing traditional about marriage in this country. The contract of marriage began as a social contract. A man would sell his daughter for a cow and the man who bought the daughter had hopes that this girl would bear him a son…or at least a daughter for him to get an even return on his cow investment.

One more note on this topic: Facebook this week has been transformed into a web of allies.

This morning I noticed a number of people began changing their profiles back. I personally am leaving my profile this picture through Monday morning. This weekend is the holiest weekend in the Christian calendar. Well, given the mythos of man whom is being celebrated is based around his teachings of love, peace and tolerance, I don’t see where the people who “follow” his teachings have a leg to stand on.


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