This is a thought I have myself very very often. Until lately, I was the person who loved and thrived at work. Lately, I have become a disgruntled employee. I’ve seen the ugly side of people within the workplace and…well…I don’t have the tact to put these thoughts down as nicely and eloquently as Ayslyn can.

Ayslyn's Corner

How to be anything with a job is more the question, isn’t it? Unless you’re at your dream job and the 8-10 hours you spend at work are totally fulfilling or furthering your life’s passion, work gets in the way of living life. Though, there is the glorious notion of getting paid, and that’s enough to keep most of us going back day after day. I’m no different. I’ve always believed that a typical 40+hour work week at a job is not good for one’s health, and still hold onto the idea of freelancing my way through life. I’m working on starting that now, getting a couple of different books into the editing process for publication and looking at alternative ways to make money doing things I love (like going to festivals or flea markets and reading tarot cards for others) but none of these things have convinced me to…

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  1. Thank you, and thanks for reblogging. I hope you can find some peace with your work situation, and failing that, I hope you can create a new situation that suits you better.

    • Lunapo says:

      Home life struggles are falling into place, and that had helped tremendously. And I’m about half way done with a degree which should open new doors for me, so those cards are in play as well.

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