And it continues…UPDATE with video

Apparently Tucker Carlson apologized on air this morning. As I am not a regular to Fox News I didn’t see it live. I’m currently looking for a clip and will update this post when I find it. Here’s what we have for now.

And the video:


4 thoughts on “And it continues…UPDATE with video

  1. […] 23 Feb – and here from Biblebelt Witch is Fox News 5 second apology. Just follow her link for the […]

  2. I watched Tip Toe Chick’s rant video about the original comments earlier today. I’m glad to see that they issued a formal apology, but it was very obviously scripted. His little smug grin isn’t sincere at all.

    • Lunapo says:

      Watching his eyes read the TelePrompTer make me wonder if his personal theory really is live and let live. Sincere or not, I’m glad he did it. He did wrong and was made to apologize. If only a mom was around to add a “Like you mean it” to make him at least fake sincerity lol

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