This blog has been dormant for two weeks now.

And it’s not for lack of wanting to write.

It’s not totally for lack of time to right.

It’s because I’m taking the time I would/could set aside to write and I’m doing something else.

Not to say that this blog is going away or that it doesn’t mean anything to me anymore. Quite the opposite. This blog represents a huge part of who I am, and who I’m proud to be.

Wife, expectant mother
Full-time teacher
Part-time grad student

For the last year, minus the expectant mother, this was the order in which I prioritized my life. My spirituality is weaved into all of these roles. The last two weeks have been particularly baby-centric. My best friend and Earth EG sent out the shower invites and we started hearing back from people. Hubby and I are getting ready to make our registries. We just picked a part-time daycare which fits with Grandma’s schedule.

And as I’ve said in the past, I didn’t want this blog to become inundated with baby stuff. That’s not what this forum is for. Spirituality as it relates to motherhood/children/parenting yes but I refuse to come on here and just blah blah blah about unrelated baby stuff.

I also refuse to reblog items for weeks at a time while I get myself together to come back. I’ve seen Pagan blogs which did just that and I honestly lost respect for the writer. See something good, pass it along. I’ve done it myself. There’s a time and place for it. But to promise writings daily then reblog daily for four months straight has no integrity. Just take a break.

So, the last two weeks we had beautiful weather. Hubby and I went bike riding quite often. Into the woods and onto paved trails (can’t do unpaved trials right now…). We escaped and got away from it all. We listened to the breeze rustle branches and birds call to each other. We meditated with the sun on our backs.

Hubby felt Baby kick for the first time and it was Magickal for both of us.

So that’s what I’ve been up to. Enjoying time with my husband before Witchlet makes Three. We’re never going to have this kind of time again. We’ve been wanting her for so long and have zero regrets that she’s coming. Yet, we know her being here will change everything. We’re enjoying the final few months before the change.

I can’t promise this blog will be updated daily (M-F) anymore. But I can promise you it will be updated with meaningful posts.


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