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“By the time I’m writing this, I know I am late to the playground. I first found out about all of this hub-bub from the Domestic Witch Facebook page. As I get ready every morning, I check out my feed to see what happened over night/early morning. It’s something to do to keep me brushing my teeth for longer than 30 seconds.

First, the video: 

Now, the blond in the middle says very little and many of her facial expressions show how uncomfortable she is with the comments being made on either side of her; how inappropriate she knows the gentlemen (I use that word very loosely) are being.

First, let’s name the characters here. I’d say “Bo-zo” is on the left, “Smart” is in the middle, and “Trying” is on the right.

Trying leads off the story with admitting he knows nothing about the community, how many people encompass it, etc. Bo-zo responds with “I do. Not many”. Nice fact. Way to show journalistic integrity. So, 12 seconds in and we all know who the problem is going to be. Bo-zo continues, “The bad side of Wiccanism is obviously it’s a form of Witchcraft” not necessarily…oh, right, you don’t know the meaning of “fact check”; you’d rather speak out the side of your ass “The good side is they get a ton of holidays. 20% of the schools recognized holidays are Wiccan holidays” Oh! so we fact check when it’s convenient to our point! Gotcha! Nice integrity! And…we’re :33 into the clip!

Smart reads a statement from the school, and they bring up a correspondent who offers the point that perhaps this calendar change wasn’t lobbied by the community. Perhaps it’s an abuse of the community in a crusade against tradition. You know, the same crusade who take away “Merry Christmas”, yet I am told that day after day during the holiday season. No one comes to yell at them. It’s blown out of proportion year after year. This point is driven home after the clip by Smart making the “Merry Christmas” connection. No One Reprimands You For Your Holiday Greeting! Let It Go!

Trying follows up with “Paganism is the one to go with because they get twenty holidays”…8 Sabbats and 12 Esbats. Rosh Hashanah is traditionally 2 days; Passover is 7 days, and Hanukkah is 8 days. I count 17, and those are only the holidays I know of. Oh, right, because Judaism is an Abrahamic religion, it can’t be looked at harshly in any way. Here is a list of Hindi holidays. Again, we can’t look at them in any way because that would be racist. We can, however, pick on Pagans and Wiccans because they are just “Every Wiccan I’ve every knows is a compulsive deep DnD player or is a middle-aged twice divorced woman who lives in a rural area and works as a midwife”. Oh Bo-Zo, you just keep digging that hole! “And like incense” Oh, Trying…you were actually doing pretty well until that point!

“I’m not offering an editorial against Wiccanism”- Bo-Zo. Well, whether you meant to or not, you did. Congratualtions, you have a petition against you.

You can sign the petition here, and keep up with updates about this story here.






7 thoughts on “Fox News

  1. I saw that and the other video on The Wild Hunt post on it this morning too.
    and it would have been nice if between the three of them they would have done a 15 minute google search on Wicca so they knew what the fk they were talking about. Maybe they can find a witch somewhere to speak on the subject.

    • Lunapo says:

      That would be nice. Doubtful but nice. However that would lead to “s/he’s representing me but that’s not what I do” bologna. Sigh, no win here unfortunately.

  2. I’ve been thinking of reblogging the Wild Hunt post all day, but now with yours it will be even more info for people, or can I really call the words of clowns like them “information”? lol

  3. sakurasapphire says:

    I’m not a wiccan but I am completely offended by this

    • Lunapo says:

      Opinions are like @$$holes, everyone has them and most people’s stink. If I let myself be truly offended by every anti-pagan opinion, I’d be locked in a rubber room. I am honestly offended by: -the public forum on which these opinions were shared, guised as news -the lack of research put into said “news”

  4. […] also saw that Biblebelt Witch also posted on this with hers called Fox News that you can read […]

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