Baby Wednesday

To avoid this blog becoming too baby centric, I’m going to [attempt] to limit my baby posts to Wednesdays.

As I have said before, I enjoy my yoga and meditation. I love Pilates. Over the past few weeks, I have been tweaking my practice to follow safety guidelines of pregnancy. For instance, no laying on your back. So I don’t do any Pilates/yoga from my back.

My usual yoga routine in the morning was prayer, mountain, forward fold, left lunge, plank, cobra, down-dog, child’s pose, down-dog, cobra, plank, right lunge, forward fold, mountain, prayer. I was finding the folds, lunges, and cobra increasingly uncomfortable. Now, my yoga routine consists of prayer, mountain, left pyramid, left triangle, left tree, mountain, right pyramid, right triangle, right tree, mountain, down-dog, child’s pose, mountain, prayer.

In Pilates, I have abandoned all work on the back and have started doing work only lying on the sides or positioned on all fours.

I am currently borrowing a few books from a coworker who is also a Doula. I am looking into the Bradley Method, which, to me, is more common sense than anything special. Another one I like is Communing with the Spirit of Your Unborn Child by Dawson Church, which is chakra based guided meditations to connect mother and child. We will know what the baby is, and thusly who the baby is, in a weeks time. I’ll begin exercises from that book after I have a direct name to call the baby. I’ll have an update on this at a later point.


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