I love the rituals that invite a new baby into a community. I have been witness to many Christenings and I have read a lot about rituals involving a baby in the Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, and Hindi traditions. Before I fell pregnant, I started researching what my options are for a ceremony to welcome my child(ren) into the world. I like to idea of naming ceremonies, because, like our wedding ceremony, they can be largely secular.

The ceremony that I am devising currently will have a heavy Pagan influence, but it will call only on the Elements, not on any specific deity. I prefer this because I feel the relationship between deity and mortal is extremely personal and I do not want to interfere with my child’s preferences later as an adult. I would rather open the door to the Magickal world. I want to teach this child directly about the Elements and about Magickal properties. I want them to know their Celtic, Germanic, and Nordic heritage.

We have already chosen four Elemental Guardians; each one’s personality represents the Element for which they will be Blessing the baby. Hubby’s cousin and his wife are Fire and Water. My best friend from high school and best friend from middle school (who married a few years ago) are Earth and Air.

Hubby, baby and I will be standing in the middle of the EG’s, who will be in a Circle. Any family/friends in attendance will be in a larger Circle around the EG’s. I’m going to begin by calling the Quarters and lighting a candle next to each Guardian; I cast my Circles starting with North. Each Guardian, again starting with Earth, will read a few lines about the physical properties of the Element, a few lines about the metaphysical properties of the Element, and how the Element relates to the human body. While they do that, they will each pass a physical representation of the Element over the baby. Then, they will say a few words about their hopes and wishes for the baby.


4 thoughts on “Blessing

  1. Anne says:

    I love the idea of doing a baby Blessing, have you thought about/done any Mother Blessings since you’ve been pregnant.

    Also, I’m curious, have you looked into any of the Pagan Pregnancy books that are out there? If so, would you recommend any of them?

    • Lunapo says:

      I never thought of a Mother Blessing, tho that is a fine idea and now that it’s in my head, I’ll have to do one. I haven’t seen any Pagan specific books, though I know they’re out there, I have access to natural/metaphysical pregnancy books.

      If one is into meditation and chakra work, I would recommend Communing with the Spirit of your Unborn Child by Dawson Church. I am also a fan of The Bradley Method, which to me seems more common sense that anything else…but that maybe because I already have that mindset.

  2. Erin Coats says:

    The ceremony sounds beautiful! And I love the respect you are showing your child by allowing him/her to make a connection with the divine on his or her own time.

    • Lunapo says:

      Thank you. I feel the individual’s divine connection is often ignored. For instance, I wasn’t given a choice as a child and when I was old enough to make my own decision, my parents were unhappy that my decision wasn’t their decision for me. I want her to grow up knowing that whatever path she chooses, she will be loved.

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