Back into the swing of things (Part Duex)

Published January 17, 2013 by Lunapo

Yesterday was my Aunt’s funeral. Other than writing about her, I have purposely taken a break from the blogosphere.

The following is what I posted on facebook this morning.

“One of the best people any of us could ever, will ever know is being laid to rest today. L, the world is a better place because you were in it and I am a better person because I knew you.

Sending lots of love, warmth, peace, and strength to M, J, and M. Remember, everything that made her great…she instilled in each of you. She has been shining from inside you from day one, and that will not change.”

I was not able to attend the funeral, held in upstate NY, because my pregnancy is considered high risk and I am not permitted to travel outside of the Raleigh area. My cousins are all being very understanding, although I’m sure they are still hurt by my absence. I know my aunt, who struggled one of the same syndromes I do (I was diagnosed with four kinds of infertility, one ended up being a mis-diagnosis so in the end three kinds) and all three of her pregnancies were also high risk. She knows how much I adored her. She knows how much I miss her. It breaks my heart to know how often she wrote to me, each time saying she hoped we would see each other again. When I went up north, our paths never crossed. It has been two years since we’ve seen each other. And now we never will again.

Tomorrow, I will begin a regular regiment of postings, beginning with my Pagan blog project post for this week.


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