Another type of spiritual experience

Yesterday was a great day.

It’s been quite some time since I’ve been able to say this, and after not having it for so long, the experience was even more profound than it usually is.

Yesterday was the first live professional hockey game I attended this season.

Hubby’s birthday is tomorrow, and we ALWAYS attend a hockey game right around his birthday. (We attend one a month, but the January one is always his birthday week). With the lockout this year, we didn’t think it would be possible. Then the Checkers, the Canes AHL affiliates in Charlotte, announced a game in Raleigh January 6th. We got our tickets the day they went on sale. And our tradition of birthday hockey games are saved, even with the lockout.

Yesterday morning we awoke to the news that an agreement had been reached. The lockout is basically over. Lawyers from both sides have to look over the paperwork and make sure everything is on the up and up, that it matches what was discussed. Both sides with sign, and the season will begin before the end of the month.

For us, going to a live game is quite the experience. It begins with gathering with friends in the parking lot, bleeds into the arena, and ends back in the parking lot again. The joy and passion of those around us was transcendental. It was a Magickal, spiritual experience; I can’t begin to describe it, but it was beautiful. Everyone in this area missed hockey. And all of us will be back.

I fear…no, not fear…I know that hockey has hurt itself by this lockout. The sport was just regaining ground after the last one, and this one killed that momentum. But I don’t worry about hockey in Raleigh.

10, 000+ people showed up for a minor league game. In Carolina. Yeah, a lot of people still love hockey.


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