It’s the time for resolutions to be make…and broken.

Last year, my resolution was to live. To just zombie get up with alarm, go through work day, chores at home, bed. But to truly live. I got my first handgun, and completed my concealed carry training. I rode my motorcycle to work every sunny day (until October 23!). I became super devoted to my Craft.

There were bumps along the way. A diagnosis and some fits of depression that came with it. But when the clouds lifted, which they did after only a few days each time, I LIVED.

This year, I’m continuing this resolution rather than creating another one. My motorcycle and guns are on sabbatical until the fall, as they aren’t good for my Witchlet. But I’m fulfilling one of my greatest dreams: becoming a mom.

At the moment, I’m writing the Elemental Guardian ceremony which will happen around Mabon. I’m planning on participating in the Pagan Blog Project 2013. In a few weeks, I’ll start the third semester of grad school. Lots to see, lots to do. But I’m determined to enjoy every millisecond of it!


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