The Final Countdown!

Is it the end of the world?

Or the end of the world as we know it?

Personally, I have always thought 12/21/12 is the beginning of something new. The events that took place last Friday have to be the lowest that humanity can reach. Ok, I know they’re not. I know in countries all over the world children are slaughtered every day. I know humanity is, at it’s core…well, no we’re not. My first thought was to say “evil”, but we’re not. Yes, we are biologically animals and animals…aren’t evil. Survival of the fittest isn’t evil. A lion eating an antelope isn’t evil, it’s the circle of life. So…yeah…if put in certain situations, survival takes over and our animalistic side comes out. But that doesn’t make humanity in general evil. Because we have evolved past our basic animal parts.

Ok, so humanity in general isn’t evil. If we took away government and rules and order, there would be a lot of chaos. I mean A LOT. But bands of people would come together, would restore small pieces of order, and humanity would continue. Maybe in small pockets at first, the same way it started. Look back to tribal times of the Celts, of the Norse. There were small pockets of order, and there was survival of the fittest.

But I digress.

The first time I heard about the world ending on 12/21/12, I thought that it would be THE END. Then I started to think about it. Every other prediction has been wrong. What suddenly made this one right?

Then I did the math. Myans didn’t follow the current Gregorian calender. They didn’t account for leap years. That being said, their end of the world likely passed already. Also, Chinese and Jewish calendars are WAAAAAY ahead of the year 2012.

Then I thought about Ragnarok. Hod shoots Balder. The Ice Giants break free. The shit hits the fan on the darkest night of the year…which is Yule. Which, this year, falls on December 21. 12/21/12. Well, damn.

So we’re entering the final countdown.

We either have one day left to live.

One day left to live the lives we are currently living.

…Or we’ll wake up on the morning of 12/22 and everything will be the same.

I’d like to think at least there will be more people “awakening”, more people becoming spiritually aware.

Buckle up, it’s [maybe] going to be quite a ride.


3 thoughts on “The Final Countdown!

  1. Yea all those numbers really mean nothing since 2012 is based on the supposed birth day of Jesus which actually happened 3-4 years before. I think i will just have a glass of absinthe in my skull vodka and see if Jesus or Satan or Quetzalcoatl show up for, lol.

  2. Maybe I’m an optimist but the world as the Mayans knew it ended long ago, so I figure the prediction has always come true. Regardless I enjoyed your writings and wanted to share my take on evil. Many people disagree but I do not believe that evil exists, what is the opposite of evil? Good? No good is the opposite of bad. Maybe Saintly, but that doesn’t seem right to me either. Everything has it’s opposite and the “evil” that others claim in the world usually has a tragic story behind it, Most terrible acts bring people together and good can come from the bad. I’m not justifying horrible acts against anyone but I do have faith that the God and Goddess have us all in mind and can/will keep us in check when need be.

    • Lunapo says:

      Good point; the opposite of evil isn’t “good”; because good isn’t good enough. It would have to be better than good. Pure, maybe? I don’t think people are necessarily evil, but I do think instinct takes over and that instinct can be perceived as evil. But I still believe some evil still exists; someone who could have thoroughly planned the mass execution of a group of people is not acting on a survival instinct. They are acting on a whim. Yes, good will ultimately come out of it to bring people together but the catalyst for that ultimate bonding is, sadly, evil.

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