Off Topic But

Two weeks ago, I planned out everything I wanted to write through the new year. We’re having company from 12/26-1/2 and I was hoping to get ahead of the game by outlining some topics.

I don’t have it in me right now.

All of my thoughts are revolving around that school. Around what could’ve, should’ve, would’ve happened.

As I have said in the past, I’m a proud gun owner. I personally own two hand guns (.380, .22), my husband personally owns two as well (both 9mm), and we jointly have two single shot rifles: one bolt action, one lever action. We enjoy the sport of shooting; target shooting is a very empowering thing. We are both also concealed carry license holders. Meaning except for schools, I can legally carry my gun anywhere I please to protect myself and my family.

Do I think gun laws need to change? Not drastically. Do I think other things need to change? Yes.

Texas and West Virginia have both brought up the idea of arming teachers. I’d be one of the first to volunteer. Would I go out of my way to become a hero? No. I have the door wedges, which will help keep unwanted people out of my classroom. They are placed by the door and in lockdown drills, I push them under. But, if someone dangerous got in past my safeguards and it was him and me and my students, he loses. If I go down, at least I’ll go down fighting.

Please read this story to get a thorough idea of where I’m coming from.

Today, I discussed the tragedy with my students. The kids wrote letters. A few kids wrote to Vicki Soto’s parents, one to the parents of a boy who was buried today, he remembered his name from the news. Most of the kids wrote them to the school population in general.

I was especially touched by the reaction of one student: with Christmas so close, the parents had to have gone shopping. What are they going to do with the presents? This Christmas is going to be awful and depressing and every one after this year prolly will be too.

Then I remembered how it felt after my sister passed. It was early November, so I hadn’t done any holiday shopping for her yet but my step-mom did. She bought her her first big girl bike. It was given to a toy collection event hosted by a local radio station in the mall.

I’m so torn with this whole event. On the one hand, I don’t want any kind of gun restrictions placed on the general population. Gun laws don’t effect criminals; they’re going to break a number of laws anyway, what’s one more! They harm law abiding citizens. What I would be glad to see change with guns is a required class with the first gun permit (along the lines of the classes done for concealed carry licenses). And more thorough background checks. The county does the required checks but they have so much going on, there are people slipping through everyday I’m sure.

On the flip side, I’m a teacher and I’m looking forward to be a parent. I want to shelter my kids from everything terrible in the world but not at the high cost of exposing them to something worse.

Above all, I think something more needs to be done in a lot of aspects. Parents need to patent: if your child can’t handle the difference between fantasy and reality, do not give them a video game like Call of Duty (or Rachet and Clank for that matter) or let them watch cartoons and movies involving violence. If your child needs help, get them that help. Wake the fuck up and pay attention. Follow your kids’ signals.

I get it’s not always as easy as that. Parents need help. And more needs to be done for mental health. This woman is crying out for help but it meeting road blocks every step of the way. If more is done to help her and those like her, these events can be avoided.

The media is another aspect that needs changing I commend the media, however, for keep this scumbag’s name and photo largely out of the spotlight and instead focusing on the victims (as opposed to the movie theatre scumbag). The less he’s seen and discussed, the less likely someone else who is ill will try to emulate him.

Rant over, this blog will return to its regularly scheduled Magicks tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “Off Topic But

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  2. well written, especially in your line of work. I reblogged this with another post you might find of interest also. thank you.

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