X-amining Paganism Through the Eyes of a Dog (part 2)


My name is Elektra. I’m a pug. There are many things in the world which I adore. Food. Sleeping in sun patches. Table food. Sleeping in bed. Crumbs from dinner prep. Sleeping in front of the fire place. Licking fingers after a messy meal. Cuddling with my mom.

On the weekend mornings, mom goes in front of her candles on the floor and I sit with her. When she is moving in funny positions, I move because I don’t like getting hit. Of course my mom would never hit me on purpose, but her swinging back paws have clipped me enough for me to learn! Some mornings, Mom lights all the candles and we just sit together. I curl up in her lap and we breathe together. Then it’s morning again, all the fire is gone and there’s only smoke and Mom gets up.

We spend a lot of mornings together. I have many mornings each day, sometimes we have candle time in the rising sun morning, sometimes in the high sun morning, and sometimes in the dark sky morning. After the dark sky mornings, she tells me to go to bed. I like bed because that means I’ll have another morning to look forward to.


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