Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a holiday that I can see becoming taboo, falling the way of Columbus Day. I remember learning about Christopher Columbus in elementary school, and then learning more of the truth in high school and even more in college. Despite that, we still had Columbus Day off. It’s falling by the wayside as people cry about the lives of the Natives who were raped in every sense of the word by the Europeans who came over. Thanksgiving was not in any way what the elementary school paints it. There may have been a peaceful table with a shared meal, but it was also a show of military strength of the Europeans over the Natives. It was the spreading of exotic disease to the Natives. It was new people coming in and taking over land they called home for generations.

Currently, Thanksgiving is a holiday. Luckily, it’s a secular holiday and not related to any Abrahamic deity. It is a day off from work, a day of food with family and friends, a day of parades and football. It is a day to slow down, look around at everything you have, material, personal, spiritual, and to realize how lucky you are to have such cards dealt your way.

It’s a day about food.

This year, I am doing the “30 Days of Thankful” on Facebook. Here’s what I have posted so far:

1: I’m thankful for the string to my kite, who keeps me grounded while continuing to let me soar, my wonderful hubby!

2: That everyone I personally know was left rather unscaved by Hurricane Sandy

3: For my furbabies, who make my house a home

4: Every moment I was able to spend with my baby sister before she passed on November 4, 2005

5: Kith and Kin, far and near

6: To be an American, to have the freedoms to come on public forums and voice my opinion one way or another without fear of persecution, to follow my Path without fear of prejudice, to open the Internet and go into book stores and read materials without fear of censorship…

7: For social media, which allows me to keep in constant contact with the Kith and Kin who are far away

8: For written language and for my talent with language

9: For my house, which was a blank slate and is now our home

10: Good health

11: All of our military, active, vets, passed, for protecting the freedoms mentioned on day 6

12: Hubby’s culinary skills

13: Proximity between me and my mom (less than 5 miles)

14: Dreams, which figurative or literal, lead me to a solution for every problem I’ve ever encountered

15: Sheldon Cooper (who I referenced at a staff meeting; got laughs from coworkers and daggers from my boss LOL)

16: Date night!

17: The woods, and for all of the romantic, spiritual, Magickal, beautiful experiences I have had within the woods (including Hubby’s proposal 11/17/07).

18: Lazy Sundays

19: Books and the endless adventures found within them

20: Protein and fiber rich foods, which have allowed me to keep my health

21: My wonderful bed and the five consecutive mornings I have for extra hours in bed! (School is closed Wed-Fri)

I also have the rest of the month planned out:

22: Fat pants! (Goddess knows I’ll need them!)

23: amazon.com (Holiday shopping done in my pjs without dirty looks. Plus I get free shipping and don’t pay sales tax!)

24: The Moon, my Goddess, who controls the Tides and the cycles of Women, allowing human life to continue

25: The Sun, my God, whose light and warmth is the creator of life

26: The Elements, who are the cornerstones of Magick

27: Magick, my Craft, which I experience, not only in Circle while spellcasting, but in every breath

28: The Seasons and the Wheel which give me a regular change in experience

29: My fireplace for the extra warmth and comfort my girls and I receive curled in front of it on the floor winter nights

30: Hockey, despite the fact that the professional level of the sport does not love the fans, the true fans still love the sport


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