Hubby and I are at the point in our lives where we’re discussing kids. Serious discussions.

Ever since we got married, I had planned on raising our kids Pagan. I want to expose them to all faiths of all the world, and all of time. But I want to teach them about the Elements, the Wheel of the Year, Lunar cycles, Sabots and Esbats…

I’ve been reading articles from Pagan Dad, and I have a copy of his Book of Shadows for kids. I love reading Sabot crafts for kids. I can truly imagine walking with my child[ren] one day and explaining to them about the Magick of Nature.

Today, I looked at hubby and said, “Do you have any issues with me involving Kiddo in my Craft?” He responded with a how-dare-you-ask-me-that face. I clarified, “I know you’re not going to lose your mind because your kid is a Witch’s apprentice. I’m more concerned with ‘My child will be raised religionless because religion is evil’ opinion.” He smiled and said, “I want Kiddo involved with your Craft. As long as I can simultaneously teach Kiddo firearms safety and practicality.”

This past Pride Festival, the children’s activity area had grown twice the size of what it was last year. I’d love to have my Kiddo accompany me. Perhaps as an infant in a carrier, then as a preschooler (I think a toddler may bore too quickly).

Kiddo will never be forced to go to Pride Festivals, never forced to participate in rituals at home or with the local Pagan Meet-Up group.

But Kiddo will be my Witchlet, my Apprentice.

One day.


2 thoughts on “Witchlets

  1. I have become Unitarian Universalist kind of for these very reasons. I love the idea of all being accepted..and learned from. As a young adult I started out pagan for many years…then I drifited towards christianity for a bit ( I raised that way) then a few years ago I decided I wanted to include my pagan heart within my spiritual life again. The UU is where I found my resting place. I try to teach child the best of all worlds. I don’t believe in the sin of christianity or even in hell… I don’t want my child feeling guilty when it isn’t neccessary. I believe Jesus was a beautiful human man not a supernatural being. I believe in the earth seasons and cycles. I believe in symbolism and personification of the seasons. I want my child to be exposed to that as well.

    It sounds like you have a great plan for you child…and that is all that matters.

    • Lunapo says:

      Those are the same reasons I was looking into UU before, but I haven’t made that commitment yet between spirituality and structured community yet…just the local Pagan group 🙂

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