Ruining Halloween?

Halloween as we see it is not Halloween as the mass populous sees it…for the most part anyway. We see Halloween as Samhain, a night when the veil between this plane of existence and others are thin. A night when the Goddess is alive and Magick is afoot. As a Witch, it is MY night. Halloween has been my favorite holiday since I was a young child, well before I found myself on this Path.

The general masses see Halloween as one giant commercial candy-riddled costume party. Because for generations, that’s all it’s been. I didn’t know anything about Halloween and devil worship until after I started on my Path.

When I was little, everyone celebrated Halloween. I didn’t know anyone who didn’t! We had costume parades at school and trick-or-treating that night. When Halloween fell on a weekday, we were limited by time to only go around our immediate neighborhood (about 60 houses). But when it was a weekend! We did our neighborhood before lunch and went to three other parts of town between lunch and dinner! I remember one Saturday Halloween I had two extra large pillowcases FULL of candy!

So, in honor of all of the problems in the world, I present (from the 5 things that have almost destroyed Halloween:

5) Jesusween —> Go screw! Not everything ever is about Jesus. Not everyone cares about him. Get over it.

4) Trunk-or-Treating —> This ruins the whole point!

3) Halloween Bans —> yeah, this pisses me off. I almost get the ban of masks in schools for safety reasons, but to ban the holiday all together? A secular commercialized holiday?

2) Doesn’t apply to the list, the author was just being “funny”

1) Raisins, Apples, Toothbrushes —> These people were around when I was a kid. They sucked then and they suck now!

Here’s the whole article


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