Intention is Everything (Lost in the Mail follow-up)

All day yesterday, I was planning on doing a spell. Well, re-doing the spell that was lost in the mail to re-send to the intended party.
I got up in the morning and decided I would do the spell that night. Hubby and I made breakfast, did some cooking and cleaning, then went over a friend’s house for the games. When we got home, Hubby had to go into work the overnight shift and I was set to make lunch for this morning, putting away laundry, and doing my spell.

By the time I finished laundry, I had no desire to do the spell. I had bough some jewelry making supplies, and wanted to make the bracelet I had in my mind for a few months.  All of my intention was on the bracelet rather than on the spell. If I did the spell, I wouldn’t put all of my heart and mind into it. I don’t want the spell to be ineffective, or worse, backfire, because I wasn’t into it. Therefore it was better not performed at the time than forced.

I’m going to take some time this afternoon, before Hubby gets home from work, and complete the spell.



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