Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (PBP Week 35- R)

I’m all for green living. 110% for it. I bring cloth bags with me to the grocery store, the mall, the farmers market… I compost organic waste. My recycling refuse bin is three times as full as my waste refuse bin every week. I repurpose everything I own, and when I can’t repurpose it myself, I pass it on to someone who can.

So when someone comes out with “why recycling is bad”, it really gets me going.

This is our planet, and we only have one. We do not inherit her from those before us, she is on loan from those who will come after us. Don’t you want to do whatever you can to keep a place for future generations to live?

Technology is not moving as fast as previously dreamed. We do not have colonies on the moon…we have never had humans touch Mars. We have a long way to go before we can call another place our home. Until then, we have to protect ours.


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