Water emergency

I’ve addressed this superficially in my posts about gardening: water conservation.

I think about our Westernized lives, with all of the comforts of modern living: indoor plumbing, for one. Now, I am not saying I’m willing to go back to outhouses or digging holes in the yard. I like being able to walk into a room of my house and be able to relieve myself, especially in the midday summer, or midnight winter. And keeping waste around isn’t healthy, for sure. But there’s got to be a better way than to use gallons of water to remove waste.

We have high efficiency water usage elements in our house: toilets, dish washer, washing machine. I use waste water from cooking, once it has cooled, to water plants as well as collected rain water.

Right now in my childhood home town, there is a water emergency. A water main broke, allowing parasites into the water system. People in the area are having to boil water for teeth brushing, drinking, cooking; they have to be careful when showering. Also, because of the break, water supply is limited and usage is restricted.

I find it ironic that, like everything else in life, things are taken for granted until they are no longer accessible. With the drinking water no longer readily available, everyone is having to think more about their water usage. I hope the conscience approach to water continues beyond the emergency.

We in the States and other modern societies are lucky to have everything we do. Too many people in the world don’t have access to clean water. And yet, we each use thousands of gallons a year to take away our waste.


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