Cleanliness is Godliness?

Cleanliness is godliness. I wouldn’t be surprised if this saying came from the plague, when keeping clean was akin to staying alive. I’ve heard many a witch discuss how the incorporate cleaning their houses as part of their spiritual practices. This is especially true for kitchen witches.

I definitely consider myself a kitchen witch. But I’ll be the first to say it: I’m a sucky housekeeper. Always have been.

I’m not by any means dirty. There is no food stuff laying around, no dirty dishes. I dust, sweep, and vacuum regularly. But my house is never “clean”.

My husband and I both are “clutterful”. We have hobbies which require supplies. We have a tendency to not put anything away until we are 100% compete with our task. I will be scrapbooking over the next few days. He builds and races RC cars. When he is building and I am scrapping, we have supplies and parts all over the living room until we are totally finished, which can be a week or six months. Then, they get all put up until the next time. Which can be a few days or a few months. We both have multiple hobbies, and are very good at completing one task at a time so we’re not overrun with stuff, just clutterful.

Point is, neither of us sees the point in putting away something we will take right back out. It feels like a waste of energy.

So while my house isn’t “clean”, it also isn’t dirty. It flows with positive and creative energies and is full of love and happiness. I think that’s what matters.


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