Inter-Faith (PBP-I, Week 17)

Last IOU, and I am all caught up! (Or as caught up as I am going to be, as each letter gets two weeks and I have only been doing one post per letter!)

I am a huge fan of the show GCB, Sunday nights on ABC. I already really like Kristin Chenoweth so I was looking forward to watching it. I didn’t realize I would like it that much.

Let me preface for those who are not familiar: GCB stands for Good Christian Bitches, based on the book of the same name. It is about a high school mean girl who spends most of her adult life in Southern California and after her cheating lying scumbag of a husband dies, has to move back home to Dallas and become reacquainted with those whom she wronged in high school. Most of the characters are filthy rich and outwardly express their Christian faith in every way possible, going to church on Sunday is the highlight of their social calendar. While they say they are Christian and do things in the name of Christianity, they are also very wealthy and concoct schemes to hurt each other in not-so-Christian ways. While the left hand prays, the right hand steals.

Any way, a few weeks ago the plot of the episode was women can do whatever men can do. The setting was the yearly Dallas Inter-Faith Barbeque Challenge. Men’s teams from four different Christian churches and one Synagog got together and competed to see who made the best smoked meat. The main character put together a women’s team, who of course beat all the boys at their own game, and won the competition.

Inter-Faith Barbeque Challenge.


Made up of different Christian churches and a Synagog.

Different Christian churches is not inter-faith. I would go so far as to say Catholic/Christian church, Synagog, and Mosque together do not count as inter-faith. Yes, the details in each religion are different, but the stories all begin and end the same. One god who created mankind and picked Abraham and Moses and Noah. They are all different branches of the same tree.

Why is it that, when I attend an inter-faith gathering, I am the only Pagan there? Why is it that we are not represented as a true faith? Why is it that even Hindus and Buddhists and poorly represented?

I thought about this for a while, and I think I know the answer. Inter-faith ministries are established to serve those in need, no matter their faith base, to assure that the ones who are helping do extra good deeds in the eyes of their god. They are established so that they may help anyone and everyone in need, and while serving they will also have an opportunity to preach their religion to those who may not believe the same way. Gatherings are held so people of different creeds can gather and share ideas, and try to convert each other to the “true” way.

Of course Pagans stay away! It’s just one more place for non-Abhramic believers to be preached to. But, in the aftermath of Amendment 1 passing in North Carolina, with the growing power of the extremist Right, with puppet politicians like Sarah Palin stating Christianity should be the religion of the nation, we can’t let our discomfort with being preached to stop us from participating in inter-faith activities. If we want to be recognized as an equal faith, to stop the witch hunts of the extreme Right, to keep our legal rights as granted to us in the First Amendment of the Constitution, we need to make ourselves be involved in inter-faith activities. Only then will inter-faith truly mean inter-faith and not inter-Abrahamic.


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