Making time

The phrase “making time” has always baffled me. Time isn’t something you can make more of, you just have to schedule better. “Wasting time” is another one; time can’t be wasted because you are always doing something you have to or want to do, even of it is “wasting time” watching clouds roll by. In fact, time itself is a concept I have always had issues wrapping my mind around. Time is so arbitrary. Humans have manipulated time with daylight savings and leap years. Different countries don’t track time in the same manner. There are too many variables that go into what is arguably the most variable resource to humans today.

Days have not physically shortened, but it definitely feels that way. I’m sure part of it is growing up. The older you get, the more responsibilities you have, the less time you have for “other stuff”. I think back to my parents when I was a kid and I don’t remember my parents bringing so much of their work home as I see people doing now. Again, times change, technology advances. My parents didn’t have email for most of their careers. They didn’t have email in their pockets, within their boss’ reach at all times.

I look at the younger generations today and it seems like they are missing out on unorganized fun. Perhaps we adults are pushing our new found go-go always busy perspective onto today’s youth. I see commercials reminding parents of the need to connect with their children. That was never a question in my house growing up.

Organized religions all have time set aside for spiritual practice. Churches I have been to have an hour a week every Sunday morning (or Saturday night). People gather, worship, and then continue on with their days. I personally didn’t experience daily spiritual practice until recently. I know many people do, but I’m sure for every person that does, three people don’t.

What can we do in our always connected society to separate ourselves from the outside world and connect with ourselves and the real outside world? I feel slightly hypocritical with this statement as I type this blog entry on my iPhone app).

For me, I have to set aside time for myself before I get going every morning. Not much, I have 10-15 minutes every morning for meditation and some yoga before I begin my morning routine. I take more time in the evening to do some divination, journaling, and meditation. It is extremely difficult to not just ignore practices and just go through daily routines. It takes a lot of work to keep up with spiritual health. It’s worth it: spiritual health influences mental and emotional health. All three greatly influence physical health.

What do you do to make time in your days?


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