Craft Names (PBP – Week 5)

This is my first entry into the Pagan Blog Project 2012. This week is C-1.

There are many cultures who say one’s name carries power. To share your name is to give away your personal power. I don’t doubt the truth in this. I also can argue against it. Power depends on the person: if someone is in total control of their personal power, it can never truly be taken away from them. Circumstances may lead to a lapse in power, but one who is in control will always get their power back. It is those who do not have total control who, by sharing their name, lose their power.

Our modern world would not function the way that is does if not for our names. Can you imagine going to work and, instead of addressing you as “Susan” or “Jabob”, you were “10925” or “4F”? This has happened to human beings in the past- this is what Nazi Germany reduced the camp habitants down to. Perhaps it was to keep proper order of them, but I believe there was more to it than that. I think those in power at the time took away those people’s names because they thought it took away their personal power as human beings. They wanted to reduce them to soulless beings denoted by numbers. In some cases it worked; many people became downtrodden and began to give up on life. There are stories, however, of those who continued to live-really live-in the dire conditions. They continued to sing and pray and enjoy whatever company they had in their dreadful living quarters. Those are the people who had total control of their power. Taking away their name didn’t change that.

The historic beginnings of craft names were for the safety of Witches gathering. If no one knew anyone’s real name, no one could make claims about so-and-so being a Witch. I have heard of such practices continuing today; to save the reputation of everyone involved, gatherers are only know by a craft name.

Discussions at gatherings and on forums often migrate to the topic of craft names: who has one, what is it, how did you get it, etc. There are those who, as part of the discussion, offer the opinion that they do have one and they believe it is for only themselves and their deity to know.

I, personally, disagree with that opinion. I share my craft name. Often. I think by repeating it, I give it more power. The more I think about it, the more I use it, the more connected to it I am, and the more power I am able to give it. My craft name is Lunapo. Luna- Italian for moon + Lupo- Italian for wolf = Lunapo. It was given to me in a dream; I was walking through the woods, under the brilliant light of a low, full moon. I met a wolf near a stream and she nuzzled my hand. She lead my up a hill, to a cliff, where I was able to reach up and touch the surface of the moon. When I awoke, the first thought that came to my mind was Lunapo.

Brightest Blessings )O(


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